Meeting of the Student’s Union

Our next meeting will be on Februrary 8th, at HTU-Großraum (Freihaus, 1st Floor red tower) . We are looking forward to meeting you there! If you are planning to come, write us an e-mail, so we don’t leave you behind in case we move somewhere else.

“Careers in Biomedical Engineering” – Graduates share their experiences

You don’t know the job opportunities you have once you graduate? We didn’t know either, so we invtited those who know best: recent graduates of our master programme.

On December 12th, they will give short talks about their current jobs and afterwards there will be time for you to chat with them.
If you are a graduate who would like to join, you are still very welcome! Please write an e-mail to bme(a)!

When? Monday, December 12th, 19:30
Where? Freihaus, HS 7 HS 5 (we think we will need more space 😉 (Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, 1040 Wien

We are happy to announce our speakers!
Amon Bhatia – Agfa HealthCare GmbH
Oliver Gindlhumer – EMCOOLS
Katja Haslinger – Biotronik Vertriebs GmbH
Konstanze Krommer – ACMIT Gmbh
Sarah Lechner – Szelestim
Michaela Lehner – Agfa HealthCare GmbH
Raphael Mayer – Otto Bock
Thomas Steininger – Universitätsklinikum Krems / Abteilung für Strahlentherapie
Stefan Tiefenbacher – DirectSens

Careers in Biomedical Engineering – Get to know the speakers!

Some of our speakers already gave a short description of what they are doing! (Don’t worry about the German, the talks will be in English, if needed)

DI Amon Bhatia
Firma: Agfa HealthCare GmbH
Position: Product Architect A
Aufgabe: Technischer Verantwortlicher für das Modul ORBIS ICU-Manager
Schwerpunkt: Mathematical & Computational Biology

DI Katja Haslinger
Firma: Biotronik Vertriebs GmbH
Position: Product Specialist Cardiac Rhythm Management
Aufgabe: Technische Assistenz bei Implantation von PM (pace makers) Herzschrittmacher und ICDs, Nachsorge von PM und ICDs, technischer Support bei Cardiac Electro Physiology
Schwerpunkt: Biomechanics and Biomaterials

DI Konstanze Krommer
Firma: ACMIT Gmbh
Position: Usability Engineer
Aufgabe: Begleitung verschiedenster Entwicklungsprojekte (Medizinprodukte) bezüglich Usability (regulatorische Anforderungen für die CE Kennzeichnung bzw. FDA Zulassung und darüber hinaus), Usability Tests in simulierter Umgebung oder on-site
Schwerpunkt: Biomedical Signals & Instrumentation

DI Michaela Lehner
Firma: Agfa HealthCare GmbH
Position: Verification & Validation Engineer
Aufgabe: Software testen (manuell und automatisch)
Schwerpunkt: Mathematical & Computational Biology

DI Raphael Maria Mayer
Firma: Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH
Position: HW Control & Interface Technologies – Embedded Software Engineer
Aufgabe: – development of an IMU for upper and lower limb mechatronic prosthesis (technology research and product development)
– IP Expert – IMUs
– gait phase detection via strapdown IMU on shank or thigh for drop foot stimulation (research)
– technological assistant for master thesis students
Schwerpunkt: Biomedical Signals & Instrumentation

DI Thomas Steininger
Firma: Universitätsklinikum Krems – Abteilung für Strahlentherapie – Radioonkologie
Position: Medizinphysiker
Aufgabe: Einführung neuer Techniken, Bestrahlungsplanung, QA der Geräte,…

„Studienmesse TU Wien International 2016“

Tuesday, November 29th

TU’s International office holds an annual fair, where different organizations and partner universities give you informations on studying abroad. If you still need some inspiration where to go, don’t miss it!

more informations:

Meeting of the Students’ Union

The next meeting of the Student’s Union will take place on Wednesday, November 23th 18:00 at Nelson’s (the café in the courtyard of the main building). We are looking forward to meeting you there!