Course Types and Exams

Course types:

VO: is public, has no compulsory attendance, exams can be written and/or oral
UE: compulsory attendance, practical exercises, can include exams
VU: combination of VO + UE
SE: Seminar
PR: Practical Training
LU: Lab-course
PA: Project Report

Always go to the first lecture to get information about the grading mode.


  • You have the right to have a look at your exams after they are graded. You are allowed to take a copy of them (exception: no copies of multiple-choice tests).
  • Examination certificates have to be issued as soon as possible, grading may not take longer than four weeks.
  • For lectures marked as VO there have to be at least three opportunities per semester to take an exam
  • De-registration for exams should be possible until two business days before the exam.
  • If you are registered to an exam and do not show up you may be banned from taking
    THAT exam for up to eight weeks.
  • If you are on the waiting list for an exam and you do not show up at THAT exam,  you may be forbidden from taking THAT exam for up to eight weeks.
  • You have five attempts to pass an exam. After the the third attempt an examination board will be involved. (We urge you to contact your Student’s Union before you repeat an exam the third time!)
  • When you have passed an exam, you can repeat it within the next six months, the grade of the repeated exam counts, even if you fail the second exam.
  • Regulations concerning the “STEOP” do not apply for you.
  • Oral exams are always public.