Admission for foreign students

Admission office

The admission office manages the admission and registration of all students (including foreigners). All certificates and transcripts are issued in the admission office, including the leaving certificate, if required.


  • Karlsplatz 13 , A 1040 Wien
  • Tel: +43 1 58801-41188
  • Mail: studienabteilung(at)

Admission to Master programme BME

Everything you need to know for your admission to the Master programme can be looked up here: Admission to  a master’s degree programme

Since the official language of our Master programme is German, make sure you have the necessary competence in German. Upon application you have to provide a proof of your German language skills at the Level A2 or higher,  for admission Level C1 is necessary! Further information can be found here: Competence in German

The process of the admission does take some time, so take that into account.

If you are considering to apply to the programme, be aware that the admission process takes quite some time and deadlines are to be met.

Tuition Fees for foreign Students

All the relevant information about tuition fees for studying at the TU Vienna can be found here: Admission Office on Tuition Fees.