Th, 24.1. 17:00 Uhr
Sa, 26.1. 16:00 Uhr
Tu, 29.1. 17:00 Uhr

Freihaus, red area, in front of HS 1

Feel free to spread this event, everybody is welcome, no registration needed.
If you have a wish to change the date, just contact Ingrid (0650/5251081)
Have fun!

Tabletop games #2

Our tabletop games evening is happening again this semester. Just as
last time the Fachschaft Physik will provide us with lots of games.
Games played last time ranged from 7 Wonders, Munchkin, Jenga to card
games as Jassen. If you have fun and exciting games you want to play
bring them along.
The event will start at 18:00 but you can also come by later.
See you soon. 🙂

Date/Time: Thursday, 17.01.2019 at 18:00
Where: Fachschaft Physik (Freihaus, 1st floor in the red tower)

Tabletop gaming evening

We are organizing the 1st BME tabletop gaming evening. Fachschaft Physik will provide us with a lot of games. If you have fun and exciting games you want to play, please bring them as well!

Date/Time: Tuesday, 14.11.2017 at 20:00
Where: Fachschaft Physik

Stammtisch – BME- Abend @Fachschaft Physik

We are tryinig something new for the “Stammtisch” this year. We will move it to the rooms of our Student’s Union (Fachschaft Physik, Freihaus, first floor, red tower).  The first two dates are

next Wednesday, November 8th , 7pm

and Thursday, December 7th , 7pm

You can buy beer at the “Fachschaft” and there is also a kitchen, if you want to cook something or make tea or coffee.   You See you there !

Meeting of the Student’s Union

It’s high time for the next meeting! We will discuss our future plans for the Curriculum Commission. Feel free to drop by!

Thrusday, November 2nd,  4 p.m at Fachschaft Physik (Freihaus, Red tower, 1st floor)



Latest Curriculum!

Apparently there were some problems during the release of the latest BME curriculum. In short: The latest curriculum was NOT published even though it was accepted by the senate.
Please find the latest curriculum here. Changes are highlighted and I strongly recommend going through it, since the new lectures will not be assigned to BME in TISS. Nevertheless, the dean of studies will approve all courses in the curriculum if you finish them during this semester!
If you have more questions please write to the student council or to Prof. Thurner.

Open Master Thesis @AIT

Dear Students,

If you are searching for a topic for your master thesis and have some background in biomedical signal processing, this might be interessting for you.

The Austrian Institute of Technology is currently offering a thesis/internship  with the topic Analysis of Pulse Wave and ECG Recordings in Mice.

For more details see Ausschreibung TU 201710 DA Murine ECG and PWA

In this regards, there are still open slots in the lecture Biosignal analysis using Matlab if you would like to improve your biomedical signal processing skills,




Open PhD position [closed]

Hi all,

The research group Biomedical Sensing of Prof. Kaniusas is currently offering a PhD position with the topic, Neurostimulation and impact of electromagnetic fields on biologic systems. You can read [1] and [2] for further information on this topic.

If you are interested and have a background of BIomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or a similar study, please feel free to contact
manuela.reinharter (at) tuwien.ac.at

For more information see also the official job ad: Ausschreibung



[1] Guiraud, David, David Andreu, and Stéphane Bonnet. n.d. “Vagus Nerve Stimulation : State of the Art of Stimulation and Recording Strategies to Address Autonomic Function Neuromodulation” 41002. doi:10.1088/1741-2560/13/4/041002.
[2] Kampusch, Stefan, Eugenijus Kaniusas, and Jozsef C. Szeles. 2013. “New Approaches in Multi-Punctual Percutaneous Stimulation of the Auricular Vagus Nerve.” In 6th Annnual International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, 263–66. doi:10.1109/NER.2013.6695922.

BME Come Together Picnic (5.7.17)

Hi beauties!

Summer weather is already here and the academic year comes to an end. Due to a great imput of one of the students, we will change the location for the next Stammtisch.

Some of our STUKO candidates will quit (Magda Fuchs, Florian Thürk) and I will go to Siberia next semester, so we want to say goodbye and invite you for this Come Together Picnic.

We will have some planes to sit on, frisbees, balls, etc. but if you have a slackline or a hula hoop, just take it as well, and bring your own food and drinks 😉

We will meet at 17:30 at U6 “Alte Donau” and go North. I will post the google coordinates when we arrive.
If you have troubles finding us you can call me 0680 318 703 8
See you soon!

Check out the Facebook Event: www.facebook.com/ical/u.php?uid=100002404918987&key=AQDe5xMZbFmRxNp-

BME Come Together Barbecue (9.6.17)

Hi dear collegues,

We are really sorry, for not announcing this event on our homepage. Only people who subscribe the newsletter or are in the Facebook Group were informed. So again, we are so sorry, if you would have wanted to come, this won’t happend again!

Nevertheless it was a great success, and we will continue to organise “Come Togethers” for you! The next one will be announced soon! (: